Diversity and Inclusion Charter Developer

Request for Proposals:Diversity and Inclusion Charter Developer

Request for Proposals: Diversity and Inclusion Charter Developer
The Regional Diversity Roundtable (of Peel) is seeking proposals from consultants to help develop a Diversity and Inclusion charter and a Position Statement for the Peel region.
The Diversity and Inclusion Charter will outline one common vision as well as principles and values that can be adopted by organizations in Peel to promote Diversity and Inclusion. The Diversity and Inclusion Position statement will explain the rationale and purpose for implementing a regional Diversity and Inclusion framework in Peel.
The successful candidate will be expected to work closely with the RDR Coordinator and members of the Host Receptivity working group to conduct research, community consultations and produce the final charter and statement.


The Regional Diversity Roundtable is a collaborative of organizations and institutions committed to
building inclusion and diversity competence that results in the institutionalization of equity in their
core values, structures, workforce, policies and services.

Vision: To promote respect and equity within organizations and institutions for an inclusive and
harmonious community.

Mission: The Regional Diversity Roundtable is committed to being a leader in supporting
organizations and institutions to be diverse and equitable in order to provide services that are fair,
inclusive and culturally appropriate.

We encourage stakeholders to recognize, respect, and embrace each individual’s diversity and
believe that by working together we can move from the acknowledgment of diversity to the
institutionalization of diversity in our respective core values, structures, workforce, procedures
and guidelines enabling an environment that is supportive, accessible, and equitable in its

We value

• Diversity
• Equity
• Inclusion
• Respect
• Social Justice

C. Project’s Details

The RDR and the Host Receptivity working group will establish a Committee of Diversity and Inclusion Champions (Committee of DI Champions). After identifying key stakeholders in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon, the RDR and the Host Receptivity working group will facilitate the participation and engagement of those stakeholders in the creation of the charter and position statement. Members from private corporations, non-profit organizations, and institutions will be encouraged to participate as well as community members (i.e. newcomers and diverse Peel residents). The Committee of DI champions will connect to already established Diversity working groups at institutions, education boards, and other organizations to engage in meaningful dialogue.

In addition, a series of consultations and focus groups will be conducted to learn about Peel’s diversity needs and best practices in regards to diversity and inclusion. The input from organizations and communities will provide the information needed to craft the charter and position statement. The outreach and marketing initiatives by the Peel Newcomer Strategy Group and the RDR will help disseminate the information resulting from the community consultations and focus groups.

Once the final charter and position statement have been created, stakeholders will sign and commit to supporting the DI Charter within their organizations. The last phase will be to host an official launch event to introduce the charter and statement in the Region of Peel.

D. Project’s Milestones

• Recruit 8 to 11 stakeholders to join the Committee of DI Champions
• Convey a minimum of 6 Committee meeting of DI Champions
• Conduct three community consultations in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon- one
consultation per municipality
• Encourage 12-15 Peel Organizations and Institutions to support the DI Charter
• Attract about a 100 community stakeholders to the charter launch event

E. Consultant’s Responsibilities

• Collaborate with key stakeholders to conduct three community consultation sessions, which will
be open to newcomers, diverse populations and workers from Peel’s organizations, agencies
and institutions. The consultation sessions will take place in Mississauga, Brampton and

• Conduct research (i.e focus groups) on Peel’s specific needs with representatives from
organizations who may not sit on the Committee of DI champions

• Analyze the data that was collected and write a final report outlining key findings and

• Identify diversity and inclusion promising practices

• Work with members of the Committee of DI Champions to create the Charter and foster its

F. Timeframe for Completion of Project

Project Start Date: October 2012 Project End Date: March 2013

G. Award Information

Funding not to exceed $6,000 (including taxes) is available for one award during the project period

H. Selection Criteria

As the successful candidate you will demonstrate:

• A deep and clear understanding of diversity and equity in the Region of Peel
• Policy development experience
• Extensive experience working with stakeholders, partners and community members
• Highly developed consultation and research skills
• Experience synthesizing data and writing reports
• Good communication skills
• Strong facilitation skills

I. Application Guidelines

Along with your proposal, please provide a covering letter (including your expected rate of pay), detailed CV, and 3 recent references based on related initiatives, work, and/or completed projects no later than: Friday September 28th 2012.

Also include clear timelines and deadline for completion.

*All submissions must be in electronic form; either PDF or Word format, and sent to rdr@regionalsdiversityroundtable.org with the subject line: Proposal: RDR DI Charter

For Additional Information please contact:

Monica Valencia
Regional Diversity Roundtable
(905) 457.7288 ext 213

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